“REFORM HEALTH CARE” is an online forum of Reform Group. After years of miscellaneous experiments, trials and treating hundreds of patients we have concentrated our service to a few particular medical specialties. With the shift of health concern from communicable diseases to Non-Communicable diseases, we had to change our focus for the sake of public health.

Now our primary focus is on -

  • Pain Management – with “Reform Pain Management Protocol”.
  • Psychiatric Illness Management – with “Reform psycho care protocol”.
  • Geriatric Care – Reform way.
  • Allergy Care – for all ages.

Apart from our clinical services – we have extended our services to

  • Health Awareness workshops.
  • Online Patient education program.
  • Online medical record.
  • 24X7 Connectivity.

We have brought change in our protocol. But our prime motto remains the same. We are continuously working to keep the medical cost under control. We are in process of designing health protocols suitable for public health. We aim to resist the diseases at primary level. Providing alternative ways to control the illness and many more.

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  • Audiologist

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